We believe desexing animals is a key responsibility of all pet owners. If you would like more information on prices and procedures we offer please give us a call. We offer special  prices for routine desexings of both dogs and cats .

Examples of our special prices are –

Canine Desexing – Males from $217 / Females from $231 – prices depend on weight & surgical extras

Cat Desexing – Males from $114 / Females from $166 – prices depend on surgical extras


Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer questions over the phone. Please give us a call if you need any advice or health care help.

How old does my pet have to be to get desexed?

We like to desex animals no younger than 5 months of age here, due to the risk associated with younger pets and anaesthetic. 5-6months of age is ideal.

My old pet hasn’t been desexed. Does it matter?

With older pets, particularly elderly females (over 6 years of age), the risk of cancers of the mammary glands and life-threatening uterine issues increase. Older males can also get prostate issues. We recommend desexing animals earlier to avoid these health problems.

My pet is very dominant. Will desexing help?

In most cases, yes. The most effective time to desex is at 5month, pre-puberty. Most aggressive or dominant animals have learnt their behaviour, particularly as older pets. Behavioural training and desexing are the best combination to manage behaviour issues.