Vaccinations are the most important aspect of owning a pet, to prevent disease and protect other animals from deadly diseases. All our vaccines include a free health check at the same time.

Examples of our special prices are –

Feline f3 vaccinations from $89.50 (Bulk Litter Rates Available) – 20% DISCOUNT

Feline FIV vaccinations from $129.5 – 20% DISCOUNT

Canine c5 vaccinations from $99.50 (Bulk Litter Rates Available) – 20% DISCOUNT

Puppy c3 Vaccinations from $89.50 (Bulk Litter Rates Available) – 20% DISCOUNT


Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer questions over the phone. Please give us a call if you need any advice or health care help.

When should my pet get their first needle? Are they too old?

6-8 weeks of age is the recommended time. Most pets begin their vaccination around this age. However, it’s never too late for their first needle – protection is always best!

My pet is strictly indoors. Why do I need a vaccination?

Many viruses can live in the environment for many years. Stray or wandering animals can transmit these, and we can bring them in on our clothes. While they are very low risk, we do still recommend vaccination – but, if you decide not to vaccinate, a yearly health check is still an excellent idea for ALL pets!