The Wolfik Family

The Wolfik Family

Our Owners

Hans and Dawn

Redbank Plains Veterinary Surgery opened its doors in 1984, trading first of all as Bellbird Park Veterinary Surgery, then Redbank Plains Veterinary Hospital and finally Redbank Plains Veterinary Surgery. For 30 years, Hans Wolfik faithfully served this community as the Owner and Vet in this home-based practice. He provided exceptional care to both pets and owners, being available after-hours, even sometimes on Christmas Day.

Hans was working in the practice as usual on Saturday 30th August 2014, but that afternoon he experienced a sudden and inexplicable Brain Haemorrhage and passed away two weeks later.  With the help and dedication of wonderful staff, his wife Dawn continued running the practice, with Veterinarian Danny Cilento capably continuing the high standard of Veterinary Care that was so important to Hans. We love that our Practice is family-based, on acreage and away from shops and cars – a relaxed and safe environment for both pets and owners.

We Welcome new clients and welcome all our long term and regular ones. Say hello to Dawn, the owner, who lives at the house by the surgery, if you see her around.